A Golden Celebration

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Rula Talhouni of Glory Box Productions fashioned a surprise party with an air of embellished autumnal ambience.

Enclosed in a pellucid dome, the autumn themed birthday celebration impressed with its extraordinary flair. The event, held in late September, was styled by Rula Talhouni and embraced a seasonal theme in an innovative way. “I wanted to create an autumnal feel, but make it contemporary,” says Rula, explaining that instead of traditional autumn shades she employed black, gold and white as the premier colours.

Along the entrance to the event, a photo timeline chronicled the life of the guest of honour in circular frames shaped like gears in a watch. Yellow, purple and orange lighting subtly introduced the autumn ambience.

Pictures of the guest of honour lined the entrance
A white carpeted walkway leading towared the dome was lined with golden trees, acorns and pumpkins. Glowing orbs illuminated the path and also surrounded the dome creating a magical atmosphere with the soft light. Smaller orbs served as charming centrepieces on mirrored tables outside under a covered pavilion.

Golden trees lined the walkway

Oversized balloons floated above guests in the dome alluding to the birthday occasion. Gracing each plate, small seasonal pumpkins rested atop folded napkins with crafted cards reading Bon Appétit in gold lettering. The pumpkins were hand painted by Rula and floral designer Yolla Jahshan with her team. Some were white with a splash of gold, others embellished with gold glitter or jewels, others in black for an umber contrast.

Golden chairs were tucked beneath glass top tables in regal fashion. Under the glass of the elongated tables, flameless candles were encapsulated next to gold painted maple leaves resting on a mirrored base. The intimate, round tables showcased hand painted golden apples within the table’s top.

Large balloons floated above the table settings

Voluminous centrepieces, fashioned by Rula and Yolla, of white hydrangeas, berries, gold painted apples and pumpkins painted in solid black or gold adorned the tables alongside elegant candles.

Outdoors around the pool, high-top tables encased flameless candles surrounded by white chairs next to warming fire stands. Glass vases entwined with a decorative ivy vine created a seasonal centrepiece.

For this special occasion, each detail added to a truly magical atmosphere and created a spellbinding event for all in attendance.

Photography: Courtesy of Glory Box Productions


  • A white carpet led to the translucent dome that served as the main dining hall
  • Pictures of the guest of honour lined the entrance
  • Large balloons floated above the table settings
  • Elongated tables contained flameless candles and golden maple leaves
  • Hydrangeas with gold painted apples and pumpkins were centrepieces
  • Golden chairs lined the tables to regal effect
  • Shades of black, gold and white were employed
  • Hand painted pumpkins adorned each place setting
  • Golden trees lined the walkway

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