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Inspiration from the past is combined with innovation at Creazioni, where heritage furniture is redressed into modern art for the home.

In 1997, atelier Silik conceived Creazioni to present a playful take on period furniture. Merging classical forms with the most advanced production techniques, the Italian manufacturer has since become acclaimed for re-imagining period pieces into fresh contemporary designs.

Taking its name from the Italian word for creations, Creazioni works to reinvent its moniker in every line of furniture it produces. The 2015 collection is no exception. Functionality and creativity as well as a mission to revitalise the past are key components of this year’s range, which was exhibited at Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

FEATUREDGioconda’s steel base resembles an antique wire wheel

Creazioni’s conventional furniture puts art to work and Gioconda, from the label’s charming line of chairs, provides an opportunity to recline in elegance. The chair’s fabric mixes natural elements with random patchwork to create an eye-catching print. But its distinctive features do not end there; the steel base of the chair resembles an antique wire wheel that allows for stabilised swivelling in the large, wing-armed seat.

Another delightful design by Creazioni is Francy. The rounded back and padded seat are upholstered in fabric with thick stripes, while the slight, white-lacquered iron legs protrude at a widening angle. Covering the bottom of these legs are lavish brass details that give Francy a final push towards design distinction.

Light and playful, Francy can be upholstered in a range of printsLight and playful, Francy can be upholstered in a range of prints

Also elegantly unique, the high back of the small two-seat sofa Tommy curves outward as it climbs upward. The unique shape and deep-buttoned upholstery of this piece alludes to a classical era while the lined fabric and stitching design provide a modern twist.

The classic form of the Tommy two-seat sofa is updated with a painterly, modern finishThe classic form of the Tommy two-seat sofa is updated with a painterly, modern finish

Rounded, retro, and relaxing, the Lola armchair ensures comfort. Revamping a fashionable style from the past, this voluptuous chair is curved for cosy support and sits on pointed iron legs. The design comes in vibrant prints including colourful floral or blue-and-white polka dots as well as more versatile, monotone hues.

The Lola chair is available in a variety of vibrant colours and prints 1The Lola chair is available in a variety of vibrant colours and prints

Also inspired by the past, Fester is a fun piece by Creazioni that gives a hat tip to luxurious vintage chandeliers. This iron light’s many lamps hang down at varying heights to create a ring of multi-level luminescence. Each lamp is attached to a round orb at the top and has a long iron stem that flares out to encompass a bulb. Fester, available in white or black, is playful, eye-catching and absolutely illuminating.

Two colour variants of the Fester chandelierTwo colour variants of the Fester chandelier

The Funghetto side table is a perfect archetype of Creazioni furniture. With a seemingly subtracted tabletop and sloping stand, this funky, asymmetrical design is adaptable to any environment. Fun, functional and decidedly original, Funghetto brings instant pizazz to a room, whether it is finished in maple, matte brick or dove grey.

An interior by Creazioni featuring the Funghetto sidetableAn interior by Creazioni featuring the Funghetto sidetable

Functionality is integral to the Italian manufacturer’s output and this is exemplified in Manuela, a wonderfully versatile bookshelf with square and rectangular opencast modules. These changeable forms can be filled with all manner of books, treasure trinkets and houseplants. Clean-cut, sublime and perfectly practical, the storage solution comes in a white or steel frame.

The Manuela bookshelfThe Manuela bookshelf

Simple, yet not understated, Anita is a sideboard that uses its minimal structure to its advantage. With slanted legs, Anita is reminiscent of a playful animal. Its two cabinets are centred with huge knobs that pop out for easy-open functionality. Additionally, there are three small drawers on the side with uniquely cut handles. In brown, pink and natural maple, Anita is simplicity at its sweetest.

Anita SideboardAnita sideboard

The 2015 Creazioni line also includes another compact cupboard, Alessia. With modern lines but soft, round corners, the light blue lacquered piece is supported by steel legs. Adding to this whimsical aesthetic, Alessia features spherical knobs in the centre of each door.

Alessia cupboardAlessia sideboard

The Anna art-piece is a beautiful mixture of broken geometry. This design is composed of several mirrors of varying shapes and sizes. Although they lay horizontally, the difference between the rounded and elliptical mirrors (joined by polished iron rods) remains pronounced in this design to an exquisite, paradoxical effect.

The strikingly geometric Anna mirrorThe strikingly geometric Anna mirror

Continuing its theme of ironic structural compositions, Creazioni has designed an iron writing desk, Egidio, which is made of only two elements: a slim base that rises to meet the top, which itself extends to serve as a vertical support. Egidio cradles three horizontal drawers that come equipped with straight, rectangular handles.

The elegant writing desk, EgidioThe elegant writing desk, Egidio

Paolo is another strikingly minimalistic addition to the furniture range. This aerodynamic living-room table combines two rectangular glass planes connected by a steel rod on each side. The utilitarian steel base of Paola can be used as a bookshelf or magazine rack. Sleek and efficient, Paolo is a table worth more than a fleeting glance and is a testament to Creazioni’s strength of exposing character in even its most minimalist designs.

The Paolo table offers two surfaces for storage and other displaysThe Paolo table offers two surfaces for storage and other displays

Photography: Courtesy of Creazioni

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