La Capitale: Culinary Treasures

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Feature: Anas Al Horani. Photography: Levon Peltekian

La Capitale, a mesmerizing French brasserie, is now open in Amman

Boasting a strategic site in the heart of Amman, between the prestigious Al Sweifiyah residential area and the Shmeisani financial district, Four Seasons sits as a shrine of luxury in the center of the Jordanian capital. In it, La Capitale, a new classic French brasserie, has opened. And it’s a cause for celebration.

La Capitale is a new classic French brasserie that offers an exquisite dining experience in a modern and vibrant social space. The venue features an open-air kitchen station and an elegant restaurant bar. Upon entering La Capitale, one is greeted with warmth and efficiency. The wooden floor and tables give off an earthliness that matches the organic feel of the served dishes and beverages.

Designed by the award-winning, internationally celebrated design firm, AvroKo, La Capitale’s interiors were inspired by the classic French bistro. AvroKo, however, re-invented the traditional brasserie by blending together timeless elements with modern, unique details. These details include the neoclassical floor patterns, wall treatments, ceiling designs, as well as the custom furniture and lighting.

Natural elements from the French countryside, such as lavender, serve as a source of inspiration for the luxurious colour palate and rich architectural touches. Bespoke, custom-designed light fixtures are placed throughout the brasserie. Custom art features and styling invigorate the space and bestow a unique life on it.

La Capitale exudes a spacious and comfortable ambiance. Guests can choose to dine in 3 different interior zones or on the all-seasons terrace, which is surrounded by a vertical herb garden and a sweeping view of the Jordanian capital. For a space that can accommodate about 160 guests, La Capitale is wonderfully intimate.

One of the standout features of the brasserie is its all-season terrace. In warmer months, it draws in ample natural light and allows guests to relish the summer weather. In colder months, its glass ceiling and walls provide a breathtaking view of the rainy or snowy outside, while enclosing visitors in its warm embrace.

La Capitale’s aim is to bring France’s culinary techniques to Amman, with all the quintessential flavours and textures of authentic French cuisine, at an affordable price. That is why the brasserie offers a quality selection of French favourites prepared using the freshest ingredients from local farms in Amman, as well as some of the most unique culinary elements directly from purveyors in Paris.

The chef de cuisine of La Capitale, Arthur Vonderhyden, was classically trained in well-known French kitchens by celebrated native chefs such as Joël Robuchon. “One of the greatest lessons I have learned from Chef Robuchon,” Vonderhyden says, “is that you can always do better and it’s never good enough.” This reflective spirit and perfectionism are mirrored in every dish at La Capitale.

Describing the dishes and the beverages of La Capitale risks the sensual surprise of the taste. However, the brasserie boasts well-kept rotisseries in the open-air kitchen, accompanied by a wood-burning oven to preserve the meat’s deep flavour while it cooks. Some of the best dishes on the menu are purée de pommes de terre à l’ancienne, the indulgent foie gras au torchon with pain d’épices and duck parmentier, the quintessential escargots à la Francaise, and the moules frites, as well as many others. The bar menu, on the other hand, was designed by a renowned mixologist and features the best Jordanian and French wines, as well as a selection of modern and traditional French and European artisanal spirits and liqueurs.

For La Capitale, the work of a brasserie is an ongoing tradition, a culinary treasure, and an experience that deserves to be refashioned for everyone at all times.

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